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"I donít intend to flatter people who choose not to go to art/photo school but make art anyway. By the same token, I donít think anyone deserves praise or attention simply because he or she did go to art/photo school. Iíve taught in and lectured at art/photo schools (and at art/photo departments in colleges and universities and polytechnic institutes) for four decades now. I donít see much difference between art/photo students, anthropology students, and business-administration students, save that nobody flunks out of art/photo school and MBAs have a much higher rate of employment after graduation.

"Iíve known photographers who speak and write wonderfully, even brilliantly, about their own work ó Mark Klett, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, and Ken Schles, to name three. (Artists as well, of course.) Iíve also known many, including more than a few who taught, who were either not particularly adept at discussing their own work or, for various reasons, chose not to. Some prefer the work to speak for them, and ó if the work is indeed eloquent ó I find that perfectly acceptable. Itís a pleasure to find a photographer capable of eloquent speech and nuanced prose, but Iíll settle for straightforward and functional. Iíll even deal with the leaden and pedestrian."

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